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Welcome to Healing by Nature

Have you ever been lost for words?

Unable to find the right words to describe how you feel?

Don't want to talk about it?

Don't have language to talk about it?

We hear you!

Meet Amelia

What is Sandtray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is a type of play therapy that encourages people to express their inner world in a nonverbal way. Therapy may last from one session to sessions that happen over several years. Studies have shown it can help people talk about their previous trauma and ongoing challenges.

Why Naturopathy

Why Sand Tray Therapy?

It can help with


Sand Tray Therapy can be an effective tool for individuals who have experienced trauma. It can help them process their emotions and experiences in a safe and non-threatening way.

Anxiety and Depression

Sand Tray Therapy can be used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression by providing a safe space to express emotions and feelings.

Self-Exploration and Personal Growth

Sand Tray Therapy can help individuals explore their inner selves and promote personal growth by providing a unique way to express and process emotions.

Children and Adolescents

Sand Tray Therapy can be especially beneficial for children and adolescents who may have difficulty expressing their emotions through traditional talk therapy.

Couples and Families

Sand Tray Therapy can be used in couples and family therapy to promote communication and understanding in a non-threatening way.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Sand Tray Therapy can be used as a mindfulness tool to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Client Testimonials

“Sand Tray Therapy has been a transformative experience for me. I have been able to process emotions and experiences that I didn't even know I had. Thank you Healing by Nature!”

— Sarah L.

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